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Like most great innovations, Plus8 is all about simplicity. Built on 25cc dimensions and thanks to our unique 8-way cup system, you can build at any angle up to 360 degrees with up to eight components in each node point. Perfect for uneven facades, narrow spaces in industrial buildings or exceptionally tall structures.

Assembly guide (PDF)

Flexible system
Plus8 is an 8-way scaffolding system that provides almost complete design flexibility. You can build at any angle and mount up to eight components, such as transoms or cantilever brackets, in each node point, without dismounting previously mounted components.

Easy mounting
Holding the component in one hand and the hammer in the other, you can easily mount the component without manoeuvring with your fingers. This improves workers’ safety while allowing for fast and easy mounting.

Increased reach
‍The simple procedure becomes even more advantageous when you’re mounting long horisontals or horisontal bars. Holding the component where it is the most ergonomically favourable, at its centre of gravity, you’ll reach further with your hammer and can easily lock/unlock the wedge socket. This add further to ergonomics and reduces the risk of injury.

Safety check at a glance
Being able to check at a quick glance that wedge sockets are secured, guardrails are in place and pitfalls have been eliminated can be lifesaving! Knowing you’re working in a safe environment also makes you feel more relaxed, experiencing less tension pain and ache.

Here’s how Plus8 works

Safely and easily!
Being a customer to Plus8 is being a partner. Extensive experience and top of the line engineering gives our partners the best possible solutions in terms of safety, design, and ergonomic aspects. Our technical department uses state of art calculation and design tools for all design and calculations. We are happy to provide our support with our knowledge to all our partners.
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The smartest scaffolding system out there
Scaffolding is hard work. Just imagine then what fewer and lighter lifts each day could do for your workers’ health? Not to mention what fewer and lighter details have for the impact on the environment.
Plus8 is more lightweight than conventional scaffolding systems, thanks to the unique design, with increased solidity in combination with its lower component weight. It is also optimized for compact packaging, which reduces the number of transports needed.
Fewer and lighter components also mean faster mounting and dismounting, yet another of the many hallmarks of Plus8.
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