Anything is possible with Plus8

You can build just about any structure with Plus8 – high, low, wide, narrow. High load capacity combined with low component weight allows you to build very high. If you need to build downward, that’s easy too – Plus8 is great for pendent scaffolds, for example offshore constructions.

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Facades often feature balconies, bay windows, angles or corners. The ground on which the scaffolding to be bottomed on is seldom flat, more likely it’s crammed with steps, garbage rooms etc. No problem with Plus8 – thanks to its flexibility and clever connecting to nodes.  Plus8 enabling mix of frame and spire (module) combinations since all components are compatible. A module construction can be complemented with frames to create a frame scaffold. This means that the problem of building with a frame scaffold on a difficult basing or uneven ground can be solved easily by combining it with a spire (module).

Thanks to the high load capacity of Plus8 components, the system is perfect for formwork. Fewer, lighter and stronger parts mean you can avoid “forests” of frames and standards. You mount your formwork structure quickly and easily with few parts, this reducing production costs. We’d be happy to assist with your design at no additional cost.

Using Plus8 to build audience stand or a stages is a safe way to succeed with your event, without risking any unfortunate incidents. These structures often require unconventional solutions and need a system with possibilities to design rounded structures etc.  Using only a few standard and specialized event components, you can build just about any shape. Our patented scaffold design, makes the locking of the details only strengthens harder with motion, making it perfect for stands and stages.
We’ll assist you with your design to guarantee personal safety, so that you can feel secure as the organiser. Plus8 is equally suitable for trade show structures, evacuation staircases, footbridges, light, camera or audio platforms, portable studios and more.

Plus8 offers special solutions for scaffolds around aircrafts or large helicopters. Our scaffolding system can be used for maintenance, repairs or painting etc.
Plus8 allows maintenance personnel fast, safe and easy access to all relevant parts of the aircraft – fuselage, wings and rudders – using only one scaffold.  The scaffold must provide easy access to all important maintenance points, while ensuring no damage is made to the aircraft.  Plus8 offers aircraft maintenance personnel optimum possibilities to design flexible work platforms that minimize aircraft idle time through fast mounting and dismounting – while ensuring highest personal and aircraft safety.

We’ve all seen the signboards with the building company’s logo on construction sites. Using the Plus8 signboard system, you can use this free advertising space by designing your own signboard. Our system is suitable for any size or shape of sign or banner.
Choose between six standard solutions. Should you want a customized solution, we’d be happy to make the necessary drawings and calculations at no extra charge.  You don’t need to cast the signboard foundation in concrete. Normally, no ground preparation is needed, the concrete weights can be placed on uneven ground since the base jack is adjustable in height, width and depth.
Your signboard comes designed with our wind load calculations included, made according to Swedish building code, and is hence wind proof. Two people can easily mount and dismount the signboard.
After finishing construction work, you simply pack up your signboard, transport it to the next site and mount it wherever suitable. This flexibility is made possible since all signboards are built using the same standard components, regardless of size or shape.

The smartest scaffolding system out there
Scaffolding is hard work. Just imagine then what fewer and lighter lifts each day could do for your workers’ health? Not to mention what fewer and lighter details have for the impact on the environment.
Plus8 is more lightweight than conventional scaffolding systems, thanks to the unique design, with increased solidity in combination with its lower component weight. It is also optimized for compact packaging, which reduces the number of transports needed.
Fewer and lighter components also mean faster mounting and dismounting, yet another of the many hallmarks of Plus8.
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