Moving forward since 1983

Plus8 is a family-owned group of companies active in the scaffold contracting business since its foundation in Sweden 1983. Our main activities are the design, manufacturing and sales of scaffolding solutions – with a strong focus on environment, ergonomics, safety, quality and productivity.

Plus8 parts

Customer-centred service
With our extensive experience and knowhow, we can provide the optimum solution to any challenge facing a scaffold contractor. Assisting customers with scaffolding solutions for complicated objects is only natural to us, whether it’s about technical advisory, drawings, calculations or other important problem solving.

Simple instructions
You can build just about anything, for any conceivable application or purpose, with the help of our assembly instructions and load handbook. You’ll find the maximum allowed load for each component and the maximum allowed building height for a wide range of scaffold combinations and load classes.

Free support!
Sometimes written instructions aren’t sufficient, then our technical support personnel stand ready at your service. They will assist you with the design of scaffolds for complicated structures such as Ioading towers, water towers, church towers, as well as for difficult facades, bridges, mine shafts or industrial buildings. Not only do we make the calculations, we develop the safe and solid solutions together with our customers.

Professional training
In collaboration with Stib, the Swedish trade organisation for scaffold contractors, we arrange an extensive range of scaffolding-related courses. Our courses are held at our service and competence centres, where we also provide guided design and construction training on the Plus8 scaffolding system.

The smartest scaffolding system out there
Scaffolding is hard work. Just imagine then what fewer and lighter lifts each day could do for your workers’ health? Not to mention what fewer and lighter details have for the impact on the environment.
Plus8 is more lightweight than conventional scaffolding systems, thanks to the unique design, with increased solidity in combination with its lower component weight. It is also optimized for compact packaging, which reduces the number of transports needed.
Fewer and lighter components also mean faster mounting and dismounting, yet another of the many hallmarks of Plus8.
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We’d be happy to tell you more about how to maximize value with Plus8.

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We train you in scaffolding

At our service and competence centres, we arrange both theoretical and practical training courses suitable for anyone interested in the scaffolding industry.