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The price per component or per kilo makes no difference in the long run. What really counts is the total cost of ownership, the productivity, and the longevity of your system. In fact, it’s on the bottom line you’ll really appreciate the benefits of Plus8.


Fewer and lighter parts
With fewer parts, the faster you’ll mount and dismount your scaffold. If – on top of that – each component also weighs less, you’ll save even more time. This is what makes Plus8 unique in the scaffolding market – its fewer and lighter parts.

Greener and cheaper transportation
Based on the optimized design, a normal scaffold construction with Plus8 can weigh less than two thirds than a conventional solution! Besides the obvious benefits of handling the system on and off site, this quickly adds up major savings in transportation costs, too. In addition, Plus8 is packaged super-efficiently and optimized for transportation, reducing “air transports” to a minimum.

Faster mounting and dismounting process
The smart design and the low component weight makes it possible to mount and dismount the scaffolding system a lot easier and quicker compared to other scaffolding systems. In addition to this – you need less components compared to build a Plus8 solution. Imagine the impact on both time consumed and salary costs.

Safer designs
What does fewer and lighter components do to the safety of a scaffold, you may ask? Excellent, safety has been Plus8's guiding star since the start in 1983, you achieve the same strength with our fewer and lighter parts. Lower component weight also means you can build taller structures with Plus8.

Ergonomic superiority
Scaffolding is hard work and caring for people and efficiency must go hand in hand. It takes excellent ergonomics to make the job safer and more enjoyable. Besides few and light components, it is necessary to consider weight-balance, stability, flexibility and visual lock and security check – all of which are carefully analysed and built into Plus8.

Good for people, climate and economy
With Plus8, you never have to choose between ergonomics, safety, climate impact and economy. By offering the lowest total system weight, we help maximise your profitability while minimising repetitive strain injuries and climate impact. That’s Plus8 in a nutshell!

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